Monday, November 24, 2008

Pain in the sass - Posted by Lisa

Mr. Ian has become quite the mouthy boy lately. Not sure why exactly. Is it a response to my recent work outside the home? His age? Our stellar parenting? Whatever the reason, His Royal Sassiness needs an attitude adjustment for sure.

Some of his gems include:

"NO, I will NOT eat my dinner!"
"I don't WANT my corn dogs cooked!"
"It is NOT time to go!"

But today, one of his sassy moments had me stifling back laughter. After dropping off Christopher at school, I had to carry Ian kicking and screaming out of the classroom (and away from the toys) back to the car. As I struggled to put him in his car seat, he yelled at me "You get a safety violation!" (click on link and view a video for explanation)

It may not be intentional, but at least he has good comedic timing. :)