Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Life of a working mom, part II - Posted by Lisa

Our house is almost out of control. I admit that it can tend to be that way, even on a good day. But really, Chris asked me tonight if the dishes in the dishwasher were clean or dirty, and I could only respond "I don't know...I haven't been here in three days!" For the record, they were dirty.

Laundry is either piled up, dirty, in the laundry room, or piled up, clean and unfolded, in laundry baskets around the house. I'm worried that the boys might not have clean underwear, and must wash some before heading upstairs.

We haven't eaten a home-cooked meal at home since...ummm...Sunday maybe? I can't even remember what it was. Chris made a run to Meijer's this evening, so thankfully we now have food options that the boys may actually eat for lunch, as well as lunches for Chris and I.

I just read through 35 unread blog posts on my Google Reader. I normally don't have more than 5 unread posts at any one time. I have commented on only one of them. I also haven't read or posted to my favorite message boards in days.

I listened to Harry Potter some yesterday and last night, but remember only part of it, and fell asleep for I-don't-know-how-much-of-it.

This post sounds much more negative than I feel. I actually am enjoying (very much) the work in these past few days, though I do look forward to my upcoming 3 day weekend. I look forward to taking the boys to McDonald's on Friday for lunch like I've been promising them. I also look forward to (maybe) getting the chance to sleep in, and not having to pack lunches and set aside clothes the night before. And even though I don't look forward to the immense task of cleaning the house this weekend, I do look forward to getting it under control again.

Whew! I had forgotten just how draining it can be to work outside the home!