Thursday, November 13, 2008

Crazy Day - Posted by Lisa

My mind is kind of in a jumble right now, so this probably won't be a very logical or coherent post. But, here goes.

Woke up this morning planning to go to the grocery store. I had most of my list together, but was sifting through coupons when I realized my entire stack of SmartSource coupons (dating back to early October) was gone. It was only a minor setback, as I knew I had left them at my parents' house on Tuesday, but still disappointing. It wouldn't make much sense to drive 1/2 an hour to pick up some coupons that might save me a buck on this particular shopping trip...and yet I now refuse to pay full price on anything. So, grocery shopping was temporarily shelved.

A little while later, my Dad called me to say that I had also left the order form for Christopher's Little Caesars' pizza kit fundraiser at their house, and the checks written by family for their orders. Orders are due in by tomorrow, so the boys and I jumped in the van and headed down to my parents' house. Visited for a while, then gathered up everything that I had left the other day (order form, coupons, and Ian's shoes) and left.

I then figured we'd make the most of the trip down and visit the library near their house. We had originally planned to go to the library on Tuesday, but it was closed that day. So I let the boys play for a little while as I picked out some books to read them at bedtime. Then I let them pick out a few DVDs to watch. We've been in desperate need of new reading material, so I probably had 20 items in all. We proceed to the checkout desk and I realize I don't have my library card. Grrrrr. I ask the woman behind the counter who tells me I can use my driver's license, but can only check out 3 items. Double grrrrr. I pick out 3 books, check out and leave.

(BTW...I'm just noticing it is 12:00am...but this WAS started on the 14th, so I'm going to pretend I've still got in my daily post)

So anyway, I picked up dinner from Wendy's for Chris & I and the boys. Then Anita and Dave dropped by so Chris could work his magic on their virus-infected computer, Anita and I got the boys to bed, and the four of us adults chatted while Chris worked on the computer.

So, kind of a busy, but not entirely productive kind of day. Hopefully tomorrow I can get in that shopping trip (with coupons). :)

Good night!


Anonymous said...

It is very irritating when we realize we can't find something and realize we've left it somewhere not so easily found.
And what would we do with our computers with out Chris?
Love ya,