Sunday, November 16, 2008

More odds 'n ends - Posted by Lisa

Today was one of those days where I actually caught myself looking at the boys' in their Sunday clothes (more than once) and realized that yes, church was actually this morning and not yesterday. I also realize that was a run-on sentence, and hope my meaning is clear. In other words, it was a long day!

Christopher did great in Sunday school this morning. He sat with his class at the front of the church while Chris and I kept Ian busy in the playroom at the back. We stepped out of the playroom for a few minutes while he & his class stood up at the altar to sing a Thanksgiving song to the tune of "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star." Other than a brief hand covering his eyes that seemed to suggest "Oh no, I don't remember the words!" he did very well. He watched his teachers for help with the hand movements, and sang along to at least most of the words. After that, he and his class went downstairs for the rest of the hour and he seemed to be enjoying himself when I went to the room to get him.

This afternoon I received a call from my long-time friend Kristina, whose sons Noah and Nathan were asking for Christopher to come over and play. Since we had no concrete plans for the day, the boys and I drove down to their house and we all had a fun visit. The four boys wore each other out (Ian fell asleep on the car ride home) and Kristina and I had the chance to chat, which we don't often get to do. We even had a surprise visit from another good friend Ruthie, her husband Tom, and their daughters Ava and new baby Lily. Lily is just beautiful, and despite needing a bath (according to Ruthie, not me!), she had that sweet baby smell that I love! After having some yummy dinner at Tom & Kristina's house, Christopher, Ian and I headed home as a light snow fell. Thanks for the great afternoon and evening, guys!

Yesterday I posted about a private-duty nursing opportunity that came up for me, and that is all set to go. I'll be providing care for my parents' friend this Monday through Thursday, and next Tuesday. She's always lots of fun to talk to, so I look forward to the next few days for that reason alone. Also this is just a great opportunity to expand my skills, and earn some much needed money in the process.

Well, I should be going. Time for bed. Good night!


Anonymous said...

I would have like to hear Christopher singing in church. That is great. I've gotten behind on reading your blog especially over the weekend. Gotta go and read the other postings.
Love, Mom