Tuesday, June 26, 2007

One of the best parts of our New York trip - Posted by Chris

Perhaps one of the nicest parts of our trip to New York City was the city-wide smoking ban in restaurants and bars. I have long been a proponent of a similar law being passed in Michigan, however I didn't realize just how great it would be until we visited NYC.

No walking through a cloud of smoke to get to non-smoking or having a table so close to the smoking section that I might as well be smoking myself. Believe it or not, all of the establishments that we visited were very busy. Guess the smokers decided they could make it though dinner without a fix after all.

The sooner we get this bill passed in Michigan the better.


Dawn said...

You're right! It is very nice. We have that in Florida and I think I've long forgotten that servers used to ask, "Smoking or Non?" It would be weird if someone did.

Lisa said...

Thanks for commenting, Dawn! There are a few restaurants here & there in MI that have switched, and we always try to frequent them when we can (and tell them why we like them). I agree with you and Chris...they cannot get the law passed here fast enough!

In the meantime, I think we'll have to come down to visit you sometime in the winter! ;)

dawn said...

Sounds good! I love showing off where I live. :)