Saturday, June 16, 2007

NYC - Day 1 - Posted by Lisa

Chris and I are in New York City right now to celebrate our 5th wedding anniversary, while the boys are busy making memories at home with Grandma, Grandpa, and cousin Sarah. :)

Yesterday morning we made it to Detroit Metro airport in seemingly record time with plenty of time to spare waiting for the plane. The plane, however, was a tad delayed. It arrived to our gate in time for boarding (just in time). But with 1/2 hour delays into LaGuardia, our plane had to sit on the tarmack in Detroit for close to an hour just waiting to take off. Frustrating, but nothing like some of the horror stories we've heard of.

The flight itself was blessedly uneventful though, and we arrived in NY around 2:00, and the shuttle dropped us off at our hotel around 3:40. It seems like we've chosen a good hotel with helpful concierge service, and great location. You can look out our window to see a glimpse into the Times Square area (or close to it, anyway). Once arriving at our room, the long day caught up with us, and we napped until dinnertime!

Around 6:00, we freshened up and left our room. The concierge recommended a few favorite restaurants, and we chose Pongrsi (sp?) Thai from the list. YUMMY! We then walked around the Times Square area, browsed in the M&M's World store, a souvenir shop or two, and snapped pictures like the tourists we are. Before returning for the night to our room, we shared a decadent chocolate and ice cream dessert at Applebee's.

We took advantage of the opportunity to sleep in this morning, and did just that! Ah! We'll be leaving the room right after I post this to get breakfast and go on our bus tour.

Click here for pictures from our trip so far, and click here for some recent pictures of some cute boys!


MrsDayna8992 said...

Happy Anniversary and have fun on your trip!
It is tough to leave the kidlets at home but adult time is much needed and necessary!
Have a safe flight and ENJOY!