Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Day 3 - Part 2 - Posted by Lisa

Because my Day 3 post was getting longer and longer, and was also getting emotionally difficult to write, I decided to break it into 2 parts. Please go here if you haven't read any of the Day 3 post yet, or go here to start from the beginning of our trip.

After visiting the WTC site, we thought we might visit Little Italy for some pizza. So again, Chris' plan was to walk up Broadway to get us there. An online map makes it look like about 10 blocks, but I'm not so sure. ;) Maybe it was the 90-something degree heat, maybe it was the fact that we had already walked a good 2-3 miles (that's a wild guess) from our hotel to the Empire State Building (please see the previous Day 3 post), but that walked seemed much longer than 10 blocks.

Anyway, in Little Italy, we sat indoors at a little sidewalk cafe. Remember the 90 degree heat? Sitting "inside" gave us the combination of a/c inside with wide open windows. Inefficient, but really nice! We had a delicious pizza dinner, complete with strolling street musicians singing traditional Italian songs...it was like being in a movie!

Refreshed but not willing to walk much farther, we found the nearest subway station and rode back to 42nd Street. Trust me, we could not have walked that distance, or at least not at that point. I don't even know how far it is, but it probably took 5-10 minutes by train. We rested and freshened up in our room for a little bit, then headed back down to Broadway/7th Ave area to do some shopping before retiring for the night.

More pics (again, mixed in with the whole trip) here.


Amy~ said...

Oh my gosh, so far your trip sounds amazing,I can't wait to read it all and live vicariously thru you!lol

Amy~ said...

Oh my gosh,so far your trip sounds amazing!I can't wait to read more and live vicariously thru you!

Anonymous said...

I viewed your pictures and blog posting about your trip to NYC. I know you had a good time and everything you did sounded like fun. You'll have to make another trip in 5 years.

Anonymous said...

I loved your photos & details of your trip to New York City. After reading your blog I think Dave & I know where we can plan our next trip.