Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Odds & Ends - Posted by Chris

I haven't posted for about a week so I thought I'd better.

Christopher has had a cold for a few days. In the past any illness would mean, "if Christopher doesn't feel good everyone else in the house suffers." However this time round its been a bit different. Instead of waking Lisa and I up every few hours Christopher has been sleeping pretty well (with the exception of the first night.) What's different is that he's really been showing his "terrible twos" side. When Christopher gets tired he starts getting into trouble. Its as if his need for sleep causes his brain to forget how to behave. Now that he's sick and he gets tired faster, he seems to be causing more havoc earlier in the day.

Cold, part two
Christopher said the word, 'cold' today. This event is big because as long as he's been talking his word for 'cold' has been 'poe'. Lisa and I always know what he's saying but no one else. We went out, to eat and to stop at the store, and when we first got in the car he said, 'Cold!'. Of course by the time we returned home he was back to 'poe'.

Bedtime Battles
A few weeks ago I wrote about how well Christopher had transitioned to his toddler bed. I guess all "good things" come to those who wait. Since that post we've make a 180 and have begun nightly battles regarding bedtime. Mostly Christopher just enploys delaying tactics and we have to constantly put him back in bed until he finally falls a sleep. I just keep telling myself, "This too shall past" and probably be replaced by something equally as frustrating.