Sunday, September 03, 2006

Gee your hair smells terrific! - Posted by Chris

After several days of traumatic bath times (screaming and refusing to take a bath), Lisa and I decided that something more than the "Terrible Twos" must be wrong. Our guess was that something had happened during a previous hair washing (since hair washing seem to be at the center of the rebellion) and now Christopher was afraid to get his hair washed.

Armed with this knowledge, I decided to take a different approach for tonight's bath time activities. After succeeding in getting Christopher to get in the tub he told me, "I not get my hair washed". I replied, “Lets get everything else washed first and then we'll talk about washing your hair.”

When it came time to wash his hair, Christopher was very reluctant. I asked him if he was afraid to wash his hair because it had hurt his eyes before, he said "Yes". I told him that we had some "special" shampoo that wouldn’t hurt his eyes and that we would wash his hair in a special way. Actually we always use baby shampoo but we guessed that maybe he had got some regular bar soap on his hands and then rubbed his eyes during a hair washing. I had him tilt his head way back so that soap and water wouldn’t run down his face. Success, after a few minutes we had the hair washed with no screaming.

After his bath, I told Christopher how proud I was that he had been very brave. He then declared, "My beautiful hair is clean!”