Friday, September 01, 2006

2006 Detroit Zoo Trip - Posted by Chris

Today we took our third annual Detroit Zoo Trip. The trip was a big hit and a success for everyone envolved.

Ian didn't actually get too much out of the being at the zoo (we could have been strolling around neighborhood for all he cared). He did do very well though and even took a couple of short naps in the stroller.

Christopher, as expected, got a lot more out of the zoo this year than previous visits. For the first thirty minutes he was constantly asking to see the monkeys and "jaffers" (giraffes) but was soon getting excited about most all of the animals at the park.

We took lots of good pictures and had a great time but after four hours, Mom, Dad and both boys were ready to head home. On our way home we stopped and got some dinner at Buddy's Pizza which was quite yummy.

Click here, if you like to see more pictures of our trip.