Sunday, August 28, 2005

New Camera - Posted by Chris

Well after many months of delaying we finally broke down and purchased a new digital camera. Our old camera just had too many problems and though it still took pictures, each new issue made the camera more frustrating to use.

Our new camera is a Sony Cybershot DSC-W5.

I have to admit was initially hesitate to purchase a Sony as I know of at least two individuals who have owned Sony cameras and have had problems. Despite the problem both individual loved their cameras.

I was also slightly resistant to the idea of having to use Memory Stick media rather than SD media which isn't a proprietary format (Memory Stick format is owned by Sony.)

In the end I gave in because I decided that these concerns didn't outweigh some of the really nice features of this camera.

One great feature is the 2.5 inch LCD screen. The larger screen really makes it easier to take and view pictures. I don't think the added size can be fully appreciated unless you see it side by side with a smaller screen.

Another nice feature of the DSC-W5 is 32MB of memory built in to the camera. If you've ever forgotten to put your Compact Flash, SD or Memory stick back in your camera only discover that it missing after you've already left home, you'll appreciate being able to still take pictures.

Third, many of the Cybershot cameras can take video. Now this isn't DVD quality video so it’s not going to replace a DV camera if you have one. But it’s really nice if you only have your digital camera and want to capture some video of a special moment.

Obviously this camera's not perfect and other more advanced cameras are available but so far this looks like a perfect upgrade from our old camera.