Saturday, August 06, 2005

"Cry Havoc... - Posted by Chris

...and let slip the dogs of war." -- William Shakespeare

Today began the first battle of our official war on stinging insects; wasps to be exact. The yellowjackets drew "first blood" when they stung Lisa while she was pulling weeds in our backyard.

After evacuating the women and children (to the house.) I began my reconnaissance mission around the yard. I noticed that several yellowjackets were flying around the area where Lisa had been working. They did not appear to be swarming, however several were flying in and out of a gap between two blocks in the retaining wall. I made a mental note and continued my mission. At the side of the house I took the following photo:

Definitely action was necessary. Before I was able to leave the area I was attacked by more yellowjackets from this nest:

Escaping unscathed, I returned to base to re-arm and launch my counter-strike. Armed with the latest in anti-wasp technology, I attacked six separate sites. Casualities on the wasp side are estimated to be heavy. By the end of the day, we had destroyed or rendered ineffective four paper wasp nests and two yellowjacket nests.

Unfortunately this is but the first salvo in a war that will likely last for several months. I have already identified at least two more yellowjacket sites and suspect more nests are yet to be discovered.

We will keep you posted as the war drags on.