Friday, July 14, 2006

The Great Purge of Aught-Six - Posted by Chris

Okay I stole that line from LOD but its so good that I had to use it.

Lisa and I have managed to collect an inordinately large amount of "stuff". No we are not those people that you see on TV that have so much stuff that they haven't seen their telephone in twelve years (though we did lose a hand set for quite a long time), but we do have more stuff than we need.

The majority of our excess stuff resides in our basement and as of yesterday we began the long and tedious journey to rid ourselves of this menace. So begins the Great Purge.

Our goal is simple, cut down the amount of stuff, so that what we are keeping will fit in the storage portion of our basement. So far the Purge is going well, we ended up working for three hours and have sorted almost a third of the boxes. Still a long way to go but I'm confident that if we "Stay on Task" we will eventually succeed.

*Note this post has been sanitized for your reading pleasure. The word "stuff" has been used in place of a more profane word originally chosen by the author.