Sunday, March 12, 2006

Sticky Hands - Posted by Chris

Stickum™ is a trademark adhesive promoted for used in athletic applications. In 1981 the NFL banned it's use because it gave receivers an unfair advantage.

For my son, sticky hands is not an advantage. Any time he has the slightest bit of crumbs or stickiness on his hands he'll say, "Hands" or "Sticky Hands" which translates to "I need something to wipe my hands" or "Help my hands are sticky!"

My wife and I often comment on how we've never seen a kid his age who is so particular about the cleanliness of his hands. Its a rare meal that he makes it though with wiping his hands at sometime during the meal. I'm not complaining it just kind of funny to see a two year old fret about some spaghetti sauce on his hands.