Sunday, January 22, 2006

Car Bed - Posted by Chris

Well, we've made the leap from crib to toddler bed. The first day has been, well let's say, not perfect.

You might ask why we are making this change now, since we really weren't having any problems with Christopher sleeping in his crib. We had considered borrowing a crib from Lisa's parents, however when Ian arrives Lisa will most likely have another C-section and after his birth she will not be able to lift Christopher into and out of his crib. Moving him into his car bed was our only option (short of hiring a nanny). Starting now, 3 months before Ian's birth, seems like the best time.

Christopher could not find any reason to take a nap in this new bed today, despite the fact that he was quite excited about moving his Little Tikes car bed into his room. We tried without success for over an hour but the longest he stayed in bed was about 10 minutes. Nap time ended with Christopher running around the upstairs free from the crib walls that used to hold him.

Bedtime brought on even more challenges as a very tired Christopher cried at the top of the stairs (stair gate in place) and called for 'Mama'. After an unsuccessful attempt by me to get him to stay in bed (usually I'm pretty successful at getting him to lay down and fall asleep), Lisa ended up sitting in the glider as Christopher drifted off in his bed. Christopher has been asleep for about 30 minutes. Lisa and I are holding our collective breath and hoping for the best.