Sunday, October 23, 2005

"Junior" returns home - Posted by Chris

Ok, he's not technically a junior but I call him that sometimes.

After two nights and two days, Christopher returned home today from his weekend at Grandma and Grandpa's. Not surprisingly he didn't want to come home; well at least he didn't want to leave the box of Matchbox cars at Grandma's house. Instead of an excited little boy full of elation at seeing his parents, we were treated to a crying toddler, unhappy about coming home.

After a few minutes to adjust to the tragedy of his homecoming and once he discovered that Mom and Dad had completely torn apart “that cool room with the computers,” Christopher's tears dried and he got back to the serious business of playing with his toys.

This weekend went well. Lisa and I survived our separation anxiety and we both found that the build up to Christopher's weekend away was far more difficult than the weekend itself. I'm not saying that we didn't miss him, but the temporary break in parenting was needed by both of us.